Clarity Apothecary Essential Oil Body & Room Spray - Grace
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Clarity Apothecary Essential Oil Body & Room Spray - Grace

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Lavender • Vetiver
Hailing from Hawaii, France and Vancouver Island, Canada, this beautiful blend of lavenders is supported with the grounding depth of earthy and warm vetiver. Lavender is anti-inflammatory; long used to treat anxiety, depression, and skin conditions. Vetiver is known to promote relaxation and feelings of support. Both are recognized for their powerful abilities in alleviating emotional stress and calming the nervous system. Experience the state of Grace with this gentle and calm floral.

Made in Tofino, Clarity's Body & Room Sprays were developed from therapeutic treatment sessions and are designed to be used anywhere. They are great for clearing spaces, applying to your body and misting linens. Each bottle contains a custom scent of pure essential oils blended with distilled water and holly oil.

Each bottle is glass, 100ml with spray nozzle top.

Also available as a roller Here

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