Clarity Apothecary 5ml Roll On - Balance
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Clarity Apothecary 5ml Roll On - Balance

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These roll ons are essential for travel and everyday use. Use on your wrists, temples or other focus points to provide therapeutic effects. Also an amazing natural perfume. Each item contains pure essential oils blended with our legendary anti-inflammatory carrier oils. 5ml. Made in Tofino

BALANCE: Lavender • Frankincense • Myrrh

A rare synthesis of worldly, traditional and powerful oils. Each became highly sought-after and household names through ancient Egypt, Rome, and China, to contemporary day France and England. While versatile, all three hold a reputation in being anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and most importantly, soothing to the nervous system. Inhale the feelings of balance with this unique blend of sweetly-earthy and grounding scents with subtle notes of floral. Balance will promote ease and clarity in your environment.

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