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Fighting against racism requires far more than muting our social media for a week, attending one protest or posting uplifting quotes on social media. This is an ongoing fight that needs to continue, and our team at Hermosa is passionate about learning more. How can we make Campbell River a more inclusive community? It starts with action. Action from each non-BIPOC person to recognize their privilege, acknowledge that all BIPOC face discrimination and do something about it. It's okay to ask questions and it's okay to be loud about things you believe in. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but ultimately the willingness to learn, listen and speak up is what will make a change. 

How can you help? Make a donation! Send us a message on social media showing your receipt that you've donated to an anti-racism cause and we will send you a discount code as our thank you. Our staff has donated to BLM personally, and we are currently working on an initiative through Hermosa to contribute on a regular basis. We are open to your feedback! Email with any suggestions, resources or events we can help promote or be a part of. 

Donate to Black Lives Matter Vancouver:

Donate to the Federation of Black Canadians:

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Read Books by Black Canadian Authors:

We acknowledge our store is on the traditional territories of the Ligwiłda’xw people; the We Wai Kai, Wei Wai Kum and Kwiakah First Nations and would like to take this time to educate our audience and recognize the injustice, inequality and institutional racism that continues to occur regularly in Canada. More than one-third of shooting deaths in the last ten years by RCMP officers were Indigenous victims. More than 30% of inmates in our country's prisons are Indigenous, yet aboriginal people make up only 5% of Canada's population.The over-representation is even more pronounced in terms of Aboriginal women incarceration rates: As of April 2010, Aboriginal women accounted for 32.6% of the total female offender population, this means that one out of every three women federally incarcerated is of Aboriginal descent. 

Educational Resources:

Murder by Decree is an uncensored record of the planned extermination of indigenous children in Canada’s Indian residential schools. Download for free:

Read the names of the 202 students who were sent to a Vancouver Island residential school and never came home: